Saturday 27 February – Mens 1s

Posted on 01/03/2016

Another Saturday, another Gamblers Men's 1s game. Having had to select a team minus first team keeper Kramer, the fearless leader Hill called upon a Goat to cover in goal. 9am on Saturday morning comes and the Goat is having an issue with... Insurance? Said Goat doesn't turn up. Come the hour, come the Good Cunt. Nick "Good C" Dravitzki steps up to cover in goal and the Gamblers get the game going. A strong start from the lads and a high press ...

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Saturday 20 February – Mens 1s

Posted on 25/02/2016

Last Saturday saw EUHC Gamblers 1st XI welcome Sunbury to the CP fortress, aiming for nothing less than a much needed 3 points. Gamblers started with high intensity, and a press than even Jurgen Klopp would be proud of! It soon saw their first goal; a fine finish from Sam B on his debut. Further goals followed from Rob 'the drill' Hill and Adam Banks, the second of which was finely set up from Mr Hill. Sunbury managed to scrape a goal back, but ...

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Saturday 17 January – Ladies 1s

Posted on 17/01/2015

Friday night we were all keen to get back back into hockey and start the second half of the season. The possibility of snow in the morning made us all slightly anxious that the game would be cancelled but Charlie gave us the good news about 10 am on Saturday that the pitch had thawed and the game was on! As we arrived at the beautiful pitch at Royal Russell School after a much easier journey for most than expected we realised it was another ...

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