We are the cheapest hockey club in London!

We strive to maintain this claim to fame, therefore our full subs are £275/season. This set price means no match fees AND includes the complete bonus of playing for our Mixed team for free! And if that isn’t great enough a deal, if you can pay your full subs by the end of October 2015, you will secure a £25 earlybird discount, bringing your subs to just £250 for a season of competitive hockey and epic socials.

Can’t trump up the cash all at once? Don’t worry, you can break up the £275 in to 3 instalments; an initial payment £100 by the end of October, £75 by the end of December (it is Christmas after all), and the remaining £100 due by the end of February.

Mixed-only memberships available for £150/season.

Student and part-time memberships may also be available on a case by case basis.

Goalkeepers play for FREE!