Saturday 23 September – Ladies 2s

Posted on 23/09/2017

Start of season. First league game in div 10 for the Ladies 2!

Adrenaline fuelled, we (minus Ailie, stuck in Dubai) arrived at a building site to play our match. Scorer felt sick, I was sweating profusely and Abby was late.

First half. For the first 5 minutes the nerves were showing. Our defence (of mostly forwards) were put under a bit of pressure which they swiftly dealt with. We soon started to pull it together. Centre backs Liz and Abby calmly dealt with intrusions into our half and Lucy set up deadly movements up the wings, highlights of which include a very slick spin to avoid the oppo. Beautiful passing in triangles across the pitch left Wayfarers (and ourselves) literally breathless. First goal was from yours truly, opening the flood gates for the rest of the half. A cacophony of goals from open play (Ellie, Laura, Jess) and a short corner (me) left us 5-0 up. The end of the half was calling, but not before the brute that is Ellie wiped out her defending nemesis, twice.

Team talk and a bag of tangfastics later, we were back. I nearly forgot my stickThe pace of the second half was thankfully slightly slower. Brenda and Laura kept stretching the pitch, Britt had her first touch of the ball in the oppo’s short corners, and Abby attempted a lying down tackle (not to be recommended). Kate scored a cracking reverse stick goal in the bottom left corner. 7 minutes left to play. The rest of a match was a bit of a blur at this point. Eventually the whistle was blown.

A clean sheet and a good goal difference made a smashing start to the season.

Score 6-0 W

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