Saturday 30 September – Mens 1s

Posted on 30/09/2017

Following last weeks demolition of Cheam, the Gamblers hosted Kenley for the first home game of the year. A delightful morning greeted the team at Crystal Palace and with everyone hyped up after Gaz’s inspirational pep talk everyone was confident going into the game.

Straight from the off Gamblers put their stamp on the game with some fluid movement and controlled passing. This domination was then translated onto the scoreboard with a fine move being finished by the mercurial Rob Hill. The game continued in the same fashion with the forward line harassing Kenley’s defence, much like Max with women. Despite this the attack could not add to the score line with a quite sublime miss by a certain somebody. Some close moments on our own goal line followed, with a fine PP stop showing Max how to save shots and a goal line clearance from Charlie kept the clean sheet intact. Finally the scoreline was increased, I think by Keano. Doug then decided to have a game of football leading to a yellow with half-time called at 2-0.

The second half started in a similar fashion to the first with the Gamblers swarming forward and dominating Kenley. At this point the team was flowing with confidence after Rob had confirmed that they had ‘no good players’. More goals followed with Kolo spinning his way to two and a mere consolation goal from his far inferior brother added to Kenley’s pain. Charlie couldn’t resist, at this point, to begin his theatrics despite the obvious result much to everyone’s annoyance. The shed, I think, added to the scoreline to fully compound Kenley’s reputation as a feeder club and result in a 6-0 win for the Gamblers.

Jonny decided to liven up the pub session by putting away a jug in a fairly respectable time and Jasper continued his charm offensive with multiple pints being consumed after pressure from Max. A boat race was called with a large amount of Guinness poured down shirts but once again the Gamblers emerged victorious. Dan continued his power trip as fines master as Brompton declared himself smashed after sipping 2 pints.

Another cracking victory leaves the rest of the league trembling in their boots.

MoM PP. DoD Yaya

Kolo x2
The Shed

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