Saturday 7 October – Ladies 2s

Posted on 07/10/2017

Starting the week with 8 players, an epic recruitment drive lead to us gaining a goalie and 2 brand spanking new players. Fresh into the club hockey arena, they held their own and were brilliant additions to the team.

So the start of the game was a bit hectic as we settled into our rhythm. The first few decisions from the umpires didn’t go our way but as the game progressed we got into our usual stride. We held possession well, stellar Simm was back in defence with her usual fabulous tackles and (mostly) excellent clears. Lucy was back on the right teaching the young whippersnappers attacking her what real hockey players play like.

Eventually, the lovely play built into a goal scored by cocapitano Smelly Ellie. Delightful passing between Beth, Jess Reay, and Brenda lead to a smashing first shot. Half time dawned, score 1-0.

Half time chat this week consisted mostly of us complimenting the umpires on their funky moves and discussing just how great it was that we were all together again on a Saturday. Tangfastics AND Star Mix provided by the ever generous Ellie.

Second half. Knowing that Guildford are capable of a strong return we focused on keeping possession. Beth yelled at star midfielders Kara and Jess to keep running their legs off. Goalie KP dealt well with a bit of pressure from the attack. The rain started to come, everyone got a bit wet an inevitably this led to the majority of the ladies 2s going down. Laura winded herself, Jess did a spectacular fall and showed the whole pitch her ass after yelling ‘mine’ for the ball and of course Ellie joined the fun on the floor.

Eventually we decided to get up off our arses and score some goals again. Brenda produced a very nice reverse stick flick to score her second in 2 weeks. Inspired, Laura stole the ball from the oppo immediately after push back and went to score a cracking slap right into the bottom left corner. We held out for the rest of the match, legs tired and weary of keeping our clean sheet.

Final score Gamblers 3-0 Guildford 4s. Teas rating 10/10. Mom Laura for superb play and a goal. Dod Lucy, despite providing numerous sweet treats (30p Freddos, she must be loaded) there is nothing that beats the quote re her false eyelashes as the rain started ‘oh no they’re not allowed to get wet for 24 hours). Classic 2s. Beauty sacrificed for hockey glory. Lovely week, great day trip, see you all next Saturday.

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