Saturday 19 March – Mens 1s

Posted on 20/03/2016

The Gamblers rightly went into Saturday’s clash with the Old Kingstonians in a confident mood. The encounter was almost exactly the opposite of what could be called a meeting of equals with the Old Kingstonians living up to their name in at least one respect.

Sadly, the Gamblers were without Chris in the backline. Fortunately, Chris’ brother stepped in, an amazing feat given that he had only that week given birth to his first but not last baby. Even more amazingly was that the baby itself, adorably named Sam Ham was also in the squad. And if this wasn’t amazing enough, the team had just received news that the club’s level headed and thoroughly reasonable president had won the much coveted “Owliest Owl Award”.

As for the match it was okay from what can be recalled. The first goal was the result of some nifty play in the mid section by one Mr Hill, AKA the pocket snatcher, AKA Mr normal. The second was a rather unfortunate misunderstanding as one Gamblers centre back lost all sense of direction and found themselves marauding into the oppositions D, to the byline. Upon realising their mistake they wisely gave the ball back to the forwards with Mr Moody applying the finish.

From this point onwards the Gamblers took their foot off the peddle. Despite their willingness to gift the opposition the ball in dangerous places, they completely failed to let the Old Kingstonians back into the game. And really it was business as usual from there on out. Mr Moody applied some twiggy tricks. Yelland did a lot of running. Doug complained that Charlie wasn’t 100% committed to the fouls he was committing. Charlie got all grumpy about something. Chris’ brother rolled around on the floor tripping up other players. And the Gamblers proceeded to set up a few tents and pitched out in the oppo’s half, scoring two goals that are believed to have come from Mr Moody and the Shed although no-one really knows how.

As is often the case, it was after the game when the fun really started. Patches became detached from the team for a second match in a row, electing to slip off for a sneaky cappuccino before making his own way back to teas. Charlie saw fit to bring along a flame and her chaperone, not only to the pitch but also to the Gipsy. A decision that provoked plenty of herb related comments that Chris’ brother both delivered and found very amusing.

DOD was a tie between the increasingly notorious Mr Garnett and the very sore-nippled Mr Gower.

MOM went to the well deserving Moody, acclaimed for his hat-trick avoidance, which no doubt contributed to the fine evening that followed. The details of which have not been included for legal reasons.

Scores on the doors: Gamblers 4 – 0 Old Kingstonians

In summary…
Man of the Match: Mr. Moody
Dick of the Day: Mr. Garnett and Mr. Gower

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