Saturday 5 March – Mens 1s

Posted on 07/03/2016

Big weekend for the gamblers starting off with a visit to our sister club Rosslyn Park for the club captain to get some inspiration for tackling style.

The day started well with breakfast a Bobby’s and some egg related activities. Down at the the sandpit early to watch the turds and play a fun game of egg toss which Bankie ruined by dropping the egg. Unfortunately missing Mr Moody as his plane got hit by a bird but a strong line up with Nick returning out field to everyones surprised as they had him down as first choice keeper. Even more surprising was the Owl was seen out in day light hours.

Hockey started poorly with our keeper miss timing a run out and taking out a player so lucky to stay on the pitch. He made up for it with some inspirational saves from drag flicks from two shorts in quick succession. Shedlake had a fantastic change one on one but unfortunately tripped up over own feet and broke his collar bone but decided to solider on. It was then the oppositions turn to have a good chance after rob needlessly gave away the ball and the top of the D and required a diving save from Max to keep the score level. The tempo dropped slightly for the rest of the half and nothing much happened/I was trying to chat up Nic’s girlfriend so wasn’t really concentrating.

Following a rousing speech from Rob and half time while snacking on port and cheese we went into the second half fired up. Unfortunately Ashall was a bit to fired up and put in a huge stick tackle so had to spend 10 minutes on the side lines. Patches had a great opportunity with and open goal but decided to take a big swing and missed the ball completely. Ashall was brought back onto the pitch and immediately kicked the ball away so went back to the side lines for another 10. A wonderful bit of skill by Chris brought the ball from our own 25 to the oppo’s D to get a short. Nick dragged top left but which inches away and pinged off the bar. In resultant upcoming counter attach Charlie missed a tackle and then an unfortunately deflection off Max caused an own goal. At this point Ashall came back on but straight away tripped up the oppo striker so was off for another 10. The clouds opened at the resulting light blinded the owl allowing the oppo to put the ball on his foot. At this point Ashley Jackson stepped up to take a drag right into the top corner. Ashall was briefly waved back onto the pitch but quickly picked up another yellow for taking off his shirt while celebrating a clean tackle he made. A good set of passed by the gamblers lead to bankie getting off a fantastic shot from top of the D which the keeper just palmed away. Ashall came back on but unfortunate incident involving a egg lead to another yellow. A good string of passes from the oppo lead to another top quality save having to be made by Max but unfortunately knocked the ball onto a gambler foot. Ashely stepped up again for another drag which Max saved with a strong stick but Charlie decided to argue with the umpire that the oppo had wasted to much time taking the short so another short was given. This time Ashely scuffed the ball on it rolled slowly down the centre of the goal and in between Max’s legs. There was just time for Ashall to come on again before getting sent off again for trying to pick up the ball. Ham then decided to take inspiration from the rugby and did a two-footed sliding tackle that would have been a red in football but got away with it as he is just such a nice guy. Match finished 3-0.

In summary…

Man of the Match: Bankie
Dick of the Day: Max

Post match social at the honey post of the Ceilidh resulted in all the single Mens players getting a warm bed. Award for the drunkest man was won by a surprise contender of Doug. Most cock flashed about went to Patches by a country mile. Ashall lasted 23 minutes before picking up a yellow for another bad stick tackle.

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